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B) The Rise of Museums

Without visual art, museums would lose their position of authority. It is in their best interest to continue to elevate postmodern art in whatever forms it is offered to them. The difficulty here is that museum curators have become the gatekeepers to the possibilities of what the avant-garde and postmodern can give us, and so they are dictating the terms in which we might advance. In other words, they are actually a deterrant, a limiter to what we can continue to learn about ourselves.

As ever, “Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp is the perfect example of what happens when exhibitors are allowed to leave anything out.


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A) Postmodern Art

Postmodern art is “post” because it is made with an awareness that the phenomena around us is artificially constructed. So it is always questioning assumptions and things that we take for granted. But I personally question whether the visual arts is any longer the right vehicle for such a response to life. We must take into account that originally, visual art was an accomplice, a part of the grander narrative of all that is to be taken as solid fact. Now that art has been exposed, it is lifeless.

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